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Day 10

March 10, 2017
Love Others
Luke 10: 1-24

Read Luke 10:1-24 again.

Have you found yourself feeling over-committed and exhausted with all the things you are trying to fit into your days? Perhaps we are making things harder on ourselves by spending time and effort planning, prioritizing, and trying to create a balance between all the compartments of our lives.

In this passage, Jesus takes all that mental anguish out of the equation for His disciples. He tells them to trust that someone will receive and feed them. He tells them to relax and not worry about the propriety of what those people choose to feed them. He tells them to stay focused on His purpose and gives them the authority and resources to do it. And finally, He reminds them that the work they are doing is not their top priority: thankfulness for the assurance they are a part of God's Kingdom is.

Here, there are no compartments, no targets to hit, no gauges to monitor. Peace is found--surprisingly--in looking at Jesus and moving forward: not in going offline! Today, allow the incessant quality checker in your head to drop off. Pray for Jesus to show you how to release it as many times as you need to. Then, do the thing that comes to mind that might normally seem like another plate to spin: take the time to have a leisurely conversation with a neighbor or coworker whom you normally rush past, take a concrete step toward joining that group you've been considering, write and send a thank you to someone who's been on your mind. Start moving toward letting Jesus' purpose for you become your priority and trusting Him to take care of the other things.