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Day 25

March 25, 2017
Luke 11:1-13

In light of what you've learned this week about the nature of following Jesus, rest. Most people think that it is impossible for them to practice Sabbath.Try making two lists on one piece of paper. On one side of the paper, list all of the things you know give you life that you never take time to do. Then, on the other side, make a list of all the reasons why you think it is impossible for you to do those things. Also promise not to shush your heart when it howls for the list it wants. If a whole day of life-giving freedom is too much for you to imagine, then start however you can. Decide that you will get up an hour before everyone else in the house and dedicate that time to doing nothing but being in the divine presence. Decide that you will turn off the television an hour before you go to bed and spend that time outside looking at the sky. You could resolve not to add anything more to your calendar without subtracting something from it. You could practice praising yourself for saying no as lavishly as you do when you say yes. Rest in the knowledge that He has work for you to do right where you are, right now. Find peace in realizing that He is patient with you: He knows you will keep trying to take the reins, but He will keep taking them back as long as you let Him.