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Day 32

April 1, 2017
Luke 12:13-34

The Bible speaks quite highly of rest. It is a repeated theme throughout Scripture, beginning with the creation week in Genesis. God created for six days; then He rested, not because He was tired, but to set the standard for mankind to follow. The Ten Commandments made resting on the Sabbath a requirement of the Law. Notice that God said, “Remember the Sabbath.” It wasn’t something new; it had been around since creation. All God’s people and their servants and the animals were to have one day in seven to rest. The command to rest was not an excuse to be lazy. You had to work for six days to get to the Sabbath. He asks us, who are weary and heavy-laden, come to Him and lay our worries at his feet. It is only in Him that we find our complete rest—from the cares of the world, from the sorrows that plague us, and from the need to work to make ourselves acceptable to Him.