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Day 35

April 4, 2017
Luke 15:1-32

Read Luke 15:1-32 again. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) In Luke 15:8-10, research the significance of the coin's value. Although not much in terms of amount, one lost out of all the women's possessions is a big loss. Consider the value of one lost sheep or one lost coin and compare that to how you think God value's each of us.

2) In Luke 15:5, why do you think Jesus mentioned that the sheep is not only led home, but placed on the shoulders of the shepherd and brought home? What might this say about our own weakness and the way Jesus sustains us?

3) What does the Parable of the Lost Son say about God's posture to those who not only wander from Him, but intentionally disobey Him? In regards to Lent, think about how we do indeed have a Heavenly Father who greatly desires for each of us to repent of our sins so we can be part of His eternal family.